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Balinese sanctuary

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From the moment you step through the spa at The Oberoi Dubai, one of the high-end hotels in Dubai, you know you will be receiving an extremely personalized treatment. After taking a seat at reception, your therapist greets you warmly and takes you through to your spa suite, where a heavenly escape is awaiting you. A great aspect of the room is that everything is included: you have a bathroom, shower, steam room and your treatment area, all within a beautifully designed suite, making it a perfectly private retreat.

The Balinese Massage is one of the hotel’s signature treatments and a favourite of clients. After getting changed into your robe and comfortable slippers and now seated in the inviting armchair, your feet are cleansed in a traditional bowl of warm water, and scrubbed with an essential oil mix. As your feet are washed and you can feel the stress of your busy week floating away, the therapist asks what you want to achieve from your treatment with them. There are three selections of oils to choose from, each giving specific emotional and physical escapes. All with Jojoba as a base, the three mixtures of essential oils are designed for different experiences. Calm your mind with Geranium and Lavender; relax your body with Ylang Ylang and Lemon; or uplift your soul with Rosemary and Lemongrass. After having chosen your mix of essentially sumptuous oils, the therapists asks if you have any problem areas and the intensity of massage pressure you would like, before inviting you onto the warmed treatment bed. Their in-depth knowledge of the treatment and the benefits of each oil is comforting, and straight away you are aware of their professional, yet soft, manner and their passion for what they do. The massage starts with firm strokes across your back, with the therapist kneading into the tight knots across your upper back and shoulders, instantly leaving you with that blissful feeling of relaxation. The pressure is enough to work its magic, without leaving you thinking you’ve had a sport’s massage! Covered in soft white towels and a restful head support, the sometimes-uncomfortable hole for your face is enhanced with a bowl of aromatherapy oils and fresh flower petals that has been placed on the floor beneath your eyes. After your thorough back massage is complete, it’s time for your feet and legs. It’s fair to say the foot massage is not for the ticklish, as your whole foot is massaged from your heels to in between your toes. If you can hold back your giggles, this is definitely a moment where you can feel yourself relaxing and sinking into the bed. Working the key pressure points on your feet, it’s amazing how your therapist is able to release tension and stress throughout your whole body. Your legs are then kneaded until your knots dissolve and you are left with extremely supple skin and relaxed muscles. The therapists continue to be firm, but soothing, as she continues onto your arms and hands, making sure that every inch of your muscles are being attended to. Having turned over to lie on your back, this is when you really notice the beautiful smell of the essential oil mix, giving off an intense, yet purely natural aroma. Now, many would think this would be the end of the body massage, but the therapists also spend some time on your stomach and chest areas, to make sure you leave knowing your entire body is more rested and relaxed. However, this part of the massage is optional, and should probably be avoided if you have any stomach problems. Now, the head massage is sometimes the best, but also the most disappointing part of a body massage, as it means your time is nearly complete! So, close your eyes and make sure you really enjoy the last section of your treatment! The therapist’s fingers deeply massage your head and key pressure points, leaving you feeling so relaxed you almost feel light headed! Once your massage sadly comes to an end, the personal service does not, as you are served a freshly made Ginger and Honey or Lemon and Honey tea in your room, and urged to only get dressed when you are ready. There is no feeling of rushing you out to get the next client in and you are left alone with the sounds of the soothing music, the feel of your newly hydrated skin and the smell of pure natural bliss. With six individual treatment rooms and one couple’s room, this place is a small, but heavenly, retreat, where you will receive a purely customized and personal experience and will leave you feeling relaxed, content and uplifted, almost as if your Balinese Massage really did take you on an escape to Bali! Indulging in spa treatments is among best things to do in Dubai and is a favourite actually of most Dubaites.