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The World’s First Underwater Spa

The World’s First Underwater Spa
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Submerge in the soothing embrace of the sea at Huvafen Fushi

Huvafen Fushi is a secret haven on Male Atoll, just 30 minutes by speedboat from the international airport. A dreamscape of hidden pleasures, the Maldivian Resort is a sanctuary for lovers of life. Though it may expected to spend copious amounts of time in or around the water when holidaying in the Maldives, Huvafen Fushi takes this to a whole new level with the World’s First Underwater Spa.

Huvafen Spa is submerged and immersed in the underwater world of the Male Atoll where tropical fish flit and weave through the currents whilst you are soothed by the healing hands of the experienced therapists. In order to deepen the relaxation, guests are invited to enter the world below the surface and let Huvafen wrap you in healing arms, soothed by healing hands.

From choosing your favourite type of oil for your treatment, to watching the underwater world go by; Huvafen Fushi’s underwater spa is redefining luxury and is just one of many temptations of this seductive Adults Only Maldivian Resort.

From massage table to relaxation pod, the whole experience is as special as it sounds and offers guests at Huvafen Fushi an unparalleled experience which speaks of the individuality of the entire resort.