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Balance Wellness by Anantara

Balance Wellness by Anantara
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Anantara The Palm Dubai Resort invites guests to embrace health and wellness as an integral element of their luxury holiday with its 2016 Balance series of resort-based events and activities. Balance wellness, offers total flexibility with a variety of health, wellbeing and healing elements, along with the freedom to relax and indulge to suit each guest’s personal preferences and time, complemented by Anantara Spa’s award-winning expertise. The new programme at Anantara is designed to take the stress out of everyday life and leave you feeling completely at one with nature, by focusing on balancing, as well as rejuvenating, the mind, body and spirit, with the aim to help achieve personal Wellness goals.

Guests can choose from 3, 5 or 7 day programmes from our specifically designed programmes: weight management, revitalisation, and relaxation and de-stress, detox, general wellbeing and anti-ageing and rejuvenation. Central to the success of this programme will be a specially designed Wellness cuisine and juicing menu. The healthy, cleansing diet is designed to maintain your energy and nutrition level during the entire programme. Each journey concludes with a detailed consultation with the Wellness Consultant, where the outcomes of the programme and recommendations for integrating the Wellness insights into your daily life are discussed, to ensure a long lasting and sustainable effect.

The new ‘Balance Wellness’ Package includes:

· Pre & post programme Wellness and Nutritional consultation

· Wellness cuisine (including 3 meals per day, juices and indigenous herbal infusions as recommended)

· 90 minutes of therapeutic body treatments per day

· Daily yoga / stretching or fitness sessions

· Complimentary full day access to spa facilities

Package price starts from AED 1,420 For reservations and more information, please contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.. Or 04 567 8140