La Marquise Unveils Their Brand New Tanzanite Collection

La Marquise Unveils Their Brand New Tanzanite Collection
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To be rare is to be exceptional and unparalleled. This is the perfect description of the new TANZANITE COLLECTION from LA MARQUISE JEWELLERY.

Beauty and rarity are two wonderful traits in a gemstone and Tanzanite has them both. The journey of the blue sparkling gem began in the picturesque mountains of Tanzania, the only place it can be found in the world. So sought after because of its beautiful tones of blue and shades of purple it has become a true keepsake in every woman's jewellery box.

The deep hues of violet, indigo, and blue come together in an unrivaled blend set beautifully against white gold and encircled by shimmering diamonds to create the iridescent pieces reminiscent of the glow in a late evening sky. Ring, earring or pendant this velvety blue gemstone acts as the perfect accessory for any glamourous outfit.

La Marquise holds the key to the wonders of Tanzanite and is giving you the chance to possess these rare beauties. All pieces are available at La Marquise stores. For more information, please visit

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