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Category: Seasonal Holidays

Dubai’s leading Latin American dining destination COYA Dubai presents the UAE’s food connoisseurs with exciting activities starting February. To celebrate Peru’s Dia del Pisco (National Pisco Day), the outlet presents a colourful and vibrant evening to tantalise all five senses on the 6th of February which will see the team dressed in traditional Peruvian attire and Latin American music spun by COYA’s resident DJ to set the mood as guests enjoy COYA’s eclectic cuisine, and the famous Piscos. Offering guests an added unique glimpse into the magical world of COYA, specially tailored masterclasses will run throughout February.

Declared part of Peru’s national heritage, the beverage ‘Pisco’ is an essential facet of its rich culture, and to pay tribute to this tradition, COYA Dubai dresses up the Pisco Lounge this February for an introduction to the wonderful world of ‘Piscos’. On the 6th of February, COYA Dubai’s signature beverages - including two Pisco fountains and a live Pisco station will be offered to guests courtesy of the outlet from 6:30pm until 8:00pm. As a special highlight during these hours, the outlet offers a rare and exclusive opportunity to create your own Pisco concoction. Patrons are also presented with a sneak preview of the restaurant’s award winning cuisine through generous portions of creatively presented canapes; including the introduction of COYA Dubai’s newest Pisco sour jelly for those with a sweet tooth.

For those who wish to embark on a deeper educational journey through the world of Piscos, the Latin American hotspot opens their very first Pisco-making masterclass on the 19th of February. Guests can learn from COYA Dubai’s expert team as they relay the history and science of the humble Pisco. Ahead of the month of love, the outlet also offers the opportunity for those who register ahead of time to take part in a romantic Valentine’s Day Ceviche making masterclass on the 12th of February.