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The Norwegian Fjords beckons

The Norwegian Fjords beckons
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Yacht company ties up with tours agency for the treat of a lifetime

Visiting the Norwegian fjords just got more exciting with a tie-up between a cruise company and a tour agency for a customised trip to people seeking adventure holidays in the fjords.

Nord Ship Agency, a specialist super yacht agent, and Heritage Adventures, came together on a vision to work with boat captains and provide tourists from the United Arab Emirates (UAE) and the rest of the Gulf special, tailor-made tours that include onshore and offshore activities.

The tours can be arranged to cover varying locations across Norway as well as World Heritage Sites, villages and farms. The tours may involve short group adventures to tours that stretches for days.

Hans Christian Braarud, Nord Ship Agency spokesperson said the company, which is so excited about the partnership with Heritage Adventures, can assist in the entry clearance, customs procedures, berths, immigration, transportation, spare parts, even freight forwarding, bunkering, general guidance and support from stakeholders among them charter companies.

“We want visitors to understand what unique experiences the Norwegian Fjords can offer; you can go mountain hiking, fishing, cycling, on guided glacier walks and more," said Braarud.

"The fjords are a natural beauty and one of the best ways to explore them is to cruise the waters and this is where we come in,” he added.

Heritage Adventures is a Norway-based travel company that has knowledge and experience in the field.
The arrangement is expected to generate interest among those in the Gulf planning to escape the hot summer days, head for an adventure travel and experience the fjords.