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Le Gray Beirut

Le Gray Beirut Lebanon
Category: Seasonal Holidays

Discover the beauty of Lebanon

Le Gray Beirut, in the historic part of downtown, is the best destination to capture the elegance of Lebanon this spring as it is mere minutes from everything that makes the city gorgeous.

A day begins with an adorable Mediterranean breakfast right on the terrace of Gordon’s Cafe where you can take in the city's energy.

A hearty meal indeed is what you need to begin feeding your hungry eyes with what is there to see as you explore the city on foot with your camera to be up close with historic and modern structures.

Beirut is a city of picturesque cafes so stop for a quick bite in one of them along the scenic Zaitunay Bay. Next stop will be the Beirut Souks where you can check out up and coming fashion talents as well.

Done strolling and shopping? Head to the award-winning PureGray Health Club & Spa to unwind and relax for all the good reasons, then feast on a hearty dinner at Indigo on the Roof where once again you feed your eyes as well, this time, with spectacular views of the city at night.

The restaurant has the finest fish and grass-fed beef -- don't forget to sample the beverages, too.

Finally, cap the day at Bar ThreeSixty, one of Beirut’s most popular night spots.

Indeed, Le Gray Beirut is a lovely destination for adventure holidays, as well as art and culture.

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