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The Iru Fushi Maldives Explores the Deep with New Marine Biologist Hannah Windmill!

The Iru Fushi Maldives Explores the Deep with New Marine Biologist Hannah Windmill!
Category: Seasonal Holidays

Guests discover the atoll’s exciting underwater marine world with diving & snorkelling excursions.

The Sun Siyam Iru Fushi luxury resort on the Noonu Atoll in the Maldives has reaffirmed its commitment to preserving the atoll’s marine life while giving guests enhanced diving and snorkelling experiences, with its newest team-member - Hannah Windmill, an accomplished Marine Biologist and Dive Instructor.

Hannah will conduct guided sessions for guests at the resort on coral preservation, identifying marine organisms, night diving and snorkelling.

Hannah holds a BSc in Marine Biology and has a wide array of experience. Based at the Marine Research Station in the Bahamas as a Marine Biologist, she taught courses on marine organisms and methods of survey. She was also involved in coral propagation programmes and community outreach to benefit reefs.

"There's nothing quite like being underwater, it's like coming home,” said Hannah. “There's always new things to see, and always something to learn. I hope to share this with our guests and encourage them to be as inspired as I am about the wonders of the ocean.”

Scheduled Activities

Coral Nursery - Guests will be able to either assist with coral maintenance sessions, receiving training on the proper cleansing and maintenance of a coral nursery. They can also help by sponsoring a coral, a part of a nursery or a full nursery area and assist in choosing and affixing coral. Sponsors will have their name on a register and be kept updated on the health and growth of the coral.

Marine Biology dives and snorkelling – Guests will learn the basics of identifying marine life, coral, aqua marine organisms and threats to the reef.

Marine Biology night dives and snorkelling – Guests will learn to identify aqua marine organisms and reefs by night-light.

Marine Biology lectures – Guests will learn about reef fish, the different types of coral, turtles, manta rays and whale sharks. Sessions are open for both adults and children. 

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