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Musical Maestros Celebrate Eid al Fitr at The Dubai Mall

Musical Maestros Celebrate Eid al Fitr at The Dubai Mall
Category: Seasonal Holidays

The Dubai Mall will be celebrating Eid al Fitr with a series of beautiful performances by international musicians.

Hosted in co-operation with the Dubai Festivals & Retail Establishment, the performances will take place in three areas of the mall - The Souk, The Village and the First Floor above the Grand Atrium. There will be five performances daily with the musicians rotating between the different areas.

Reflecting Dubai’s position as an international hub, the seven musicians are from diverse backgrounds including Russia, Turkey, Ukraine and Serbia, and play an eclectic mix of international instruments such as the cello, accordion, bagpipes, harp, nay and an ouz-kora drums.

The musicians will treat visitors in The Dubai Mall to a variety of music including traditional tracks, classical songs and some of their own compositions.

Date: July 6 – 8

Time: 12pm, 2pm, 4pm, 6pm and 8pm

Location: The Souk, The Village and Grand Atrium First Floor, The Dubai Mall

For more information, follow @thedubaimall on social media or call 800-DUBAI-MALL (800 38224 6255).