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When I first landed in Male for an adventure travel, the Sun Siyam Resort’s host escorted me to what he called “Iru Lounge” where I had to sit back for my next flight to my final destination.

At first, the “explorer” in me was a bit frustrated hearing about a second flight, but that feeling almost vanished when my host pointed at the seaplane that was landing and told me: “Your ride is here!”

The view from above was fabulous and I thought to myself that I wanted to stay up there forever, especially that I got to witness the sunset from the window of the plane. Forty-five minutes later, the seaplane started descending to a true paradise that needed no pass! The “explorer” was all set for the fun activities of his adventure travel.

Again, a lovely group of the resort’s hosts was waiting for the passengers of the seaplane and welcomed each one of us with refreshing wet towels, and then we walked down the jetty to the welcoming station which was the Bamboo restaurant where a refreshing coconut iced tea beverage was waiting for us at the table that faced a fabulous landscape.

My hostess could clearly see the effects the jet lag and the bewilderment had on me, so she went easy and told me that my ride to my room was ready whenever I was so. That ride, which was kind of a cute golf buggy, drove us into beautiful green pathways until we pulled over at my Beach Villa (which is one room type of more than 10 others this resort offers!).

The king-size bed at the center of the villa faced a door that led to private terrace covered with trees and a cool sea breeze. Another door revealed a huge luxurious al fresco bathroom that had a spa tub right in the middle overlooking a sun deck and natural foliage.

I pressed the WISH button in the telephone and asked for a buggy that took me to have dinner at the Flavours restaurant (again, which is just one of more than 10 others this resort has!). That overwater restaurant had a fabulous view of the pure blue water that was just perfect for a romantic meal under the moonlit sky.

As the menu suggested, Flavours seemed to be specialized in an exquisite collection of appetizers, main courses, and desserts in addition to its Cellar with its fine collection of wines. I went with the marinated tuna for my appetizer and the grilled duck breast for main course and they were fantastically delicious; the ‘flavours’ were beautifully ‘surprising’!

Although I was physically and mentally full, I couldn’t help but try one of the exquisite dessert choices the restaurant offered and mine was the green tea cake which was, again, surprisingly so good!

My stay at Iru Fushi, though filled with fun activities, was a bit short, so I didn’t have the opportunity to visit all of the many other fine restaurants, the five-star diving centre, the water sports centre, the gymnasium, the recreation centre, or the many other centres.

However, I did get the chance to visit the spa which happened to be the biggest on the Maldives.

The spa visit was a journey of total tranquility from the moment I started climbing up the Chinese pathway that served as an entrance to the haven of wellness I experienced inside.

It was obvious from the menu I was offered at the reception that The Iru Fushi Spa incorporated both eastern and western healing principles which included signature rituals, facial therapies, body therapies, massage therapies, and ayurvedic therapies. All these diverse rituals and therapies had one thing in common, which was the element of the utmost relaxation.

I asked about the meaning of the word ‘iru’ expecting it to stand for ‘fabulous’, but they told me that it was Maldivian for the word ‘sun’. Indeed, I believe that The Iru Fushi is the sun of the Maldives, and with the passionate hospitality the lovely people there provide you with, everything there becomes too good to be true. (M. Emad Baghdadi)

(Photos courtesy of Sun Siyam Iru Fushi)