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Overlooking Ajman Beach and located on Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Street is a distinct Arabesque architectural structure emphasized by the traditional wind towers, with its mud finish, making it a class apart the other buildings in the surrounding vicinity: The Ajman Palace, easily one of the best hotels in the world.

Be it during the day, or by night when the building is lit by diffused lights, the grandeur and presence of the seven-story hotel captivates the sight.

Coming in aboard a car into the slightly elevated drive way,  one is led to a new world of peace, comfort and luxury. The pure white and beige tones set the mood of tranquility and serenity, which one craves in the fast paced world of today. Instantly, one is absorbed by the beauty of the surroundings, the high-quality environment and the emphasis on the arts and culture.

Technology has taken its rightful place at The Ajman Palace where the reservations desk offers a new dimension in the creation of customer loyalty: the database, the records of each guest's individual history, which enables the staff to create individualized and personal care programs to satisfy the guest's needs from the moment of arrival for a stay filled with fun activities.

The high performance reservation system, check-in and check-out procedures, prove the efficiency of the front desk.

The Arab world is known for  hospitality, generosity and courtesy. The same values are experienced at  The Ajman Palace which gives it a clear competitive advantage among best hotels in the world. The human touch of personnel working in direct contact with the customers clearly communicates the genuine authenticity, professionalism, and actual concern for the happiness and well-being of the customers.


 Unlike other hotel projects, which are purely based on commercial criteria, The Ajman Palace has a different story to reveal. The history of this hotel is intimately connected to the rich Arab heritage, thus the inclination toward the arts and culture.

This project is the brain child of HH Sheikh Muhammad Bin Faisal al Qassimi. When the sheikh was a child, he used to visit a holiday home at the same location. He would go for fishing in the open beach with siblings and enjoy grand feasts with the extended family. As time passed, the extended family grew large and the house could not accommodate everyone. Thus the idea evolved of having a family-style resort where family, friends and travelers could cherish the Arab traditional hospitality.

As the discussion within the family gained momentum, the sheikh’s brother Salem, who has an ardent passion for photography added the idea of providing, in the same interior, an art gallery to host the work of contemporary artists. When the ladies of the family learned about the developments, they came up with a concept to host Emirati weddings in the same project. Thus the project expanded until it finally took the shape of Ajman Palace Hotel as we see it today.

A hotel built on very sincere and personal feelings. These feelings have originated from fond memories so strongly felt that the desire to share the same experience with everyone was felt. Indeed the royal family wishes to provide for visitors and travelers what they wish for themselves.


To maintain the grandeur of Arabesque architecture, the entire structure has a mud finish. The tall wind towers beckon the visitors to the rich Arabian heritage the layout of the hotel is in a crescent shape highlighting the strong lunar connection to the Islamic calendar. The outer circle overlooks the city and the ruler’s palace and the inner circle overlooks the tranquility of the open beach. Nestled within the crescent is the swimming pool.

Upon entering the main lobby, tall columns lit by blue LED lights and adorned by the traditional leaf and tendril motif of Islamic ornamentation raise both the gaze and spirit to the arched hand-painted dome in subtle gold, turquoise and aqua hues. On the right side is a traditional majlis to mark the cultural Emirati lifestyle, whereas  the outdoor majlis beside the pool area has a fresh breath of contemporary intermediate hues.

Another display of Arabesque art is conveyed by the geometric pattern of the mashrabiya. This was an important architectural feature of lattice wood work used in windows of earlier times to allow ventilation and maintain privacy of the people inside at the same time. This traditional design is translated in wooden partitions, glass panels along the staircases, the gypsum arches and the intricate pattern on the fresh bed linen at The Ajman Palace.


The food and beverage department acts like the main column on which the whole structure of the hotel rests. It should therefore provide theme restaurants to suit the culinary taste of a wide range of people. At The Ajman Palace, great attention is given to this concern by hiring a professional team comprised of world class chefs from Switzerland, France, the Arab World and the Far East.

They are professionals specially trained to prepare mouth-watering international delicacies provided with impeccable service.  Their talents are on particular display at the lavish Friday Brunch. Apart from a wide range of starters, savory and deserts, the buffet table is adorned by carved ice statues which indicate the extra effort taken to create novelty. Guests may choose to be seated inside the all-day dining restaurant, or enjoy the al fresco around the pool, or even at the sea terrace.

The array of restaurant and lounge options include, to name a few: all-day dining restaurant, which caters to the taste of an international audience by serving a wide choice to satisfy a variety of tastes; the Arabesque Gourmet to provide the authentic dining experience of the region; the Dragons Palace, a Japanese/Thai fusion restaurant offering sushi and teppanyaki; and Nojoom Lounge, a rooftop shisha lounge where guests can unwind and gaze at stars in the sky.

The ballroom

The glamour of Arab wedding parties, their hospitality and gorgeousness is known to the world. However, one of the most important concerns on this occasion is privacy and segregation.

The Ajman Palace takes care of this in the most discreet manner by providing an entrance, a lift, and a room with complete services, exclusively for the bride on her special day. The wedding package includes rooms for the close relatives on the same floor so that they are just a few steps from the prestigious ballroom which is the largest in the Northern Emirates and is spread over an area of 1,200 sq meters.


The AjmanPalace provides just the right environment to nurture the passion for culinary delights while giving paramount attention to health and fitness at the same time. Wellness programs include health and beauty centers, full service day spas, personalized services and treatments, anti-stress, revitalizing, regenerating programs, and special body massage. The resort has a sauna, steam bath, Jacuzzi and a state-of-the-art fitness centre.

The hotel houses 242 beautiful rooms, suites and serviced residences, more than 10,000 square metres of event and meeting space, a remarkable range of restaurants and lounges, an array of leisure options for fun activities and personalized service in a tranquil atmosphere to make a guest’s stay truly memorable. 

Art gallery

The first floor provides the entire space under the arched dome for the display of art work by contemporary artists. Special strings are provided for hanging frames and art works of that come in various sizes. A black piano stands in one corner which further emphasizes the artistic ambiance.

Business centre

Technology has taken its rightful place at the Ajman Palace Business Centre. As new technologies are continuously offering innovative and more comfortable ways of living, it has made the  traveler of today thoroughly equipped with technological knowledge. To keep pace with modern technology The Business Centre at AjmanPalace provides a high-quality environment of net surfing and secretarial services in a secluded environment for those who need to stay connected with office and business matters.


Environment and energy conservation play an important role in the consumption of energy at The Ajman Palace. This helps to win loyalty of numerous clients while safeguarding assets at the same time.

All the corridors in the hotel have motion-detector sensors which reduce the amount of energy used by 40 percent.

Huge solar energy panels are installed on the roof top which supply hot water to the baths.

Recycled water is generated from guest room wash basins and showers for use in landscape irrigation

The hotel has a reverse osmosis plant which helps purify the locally available brackish water. This reduces the amount of chemicals and energy which would otherwise be used.

E business cards for all the staff is another step towards the conservation of paper, thus contributing towards a green environment.


Concern for the accessibility of special people is given particular attention in the layout of traffic paths. The lobby, outdoor dining and pool area have ramps for ease in accessibility for the wheel chair impacted.

The outstanding feature of The Ajman Palace is its minimalist décor and soft opulence, extraordinary service and ideal location at the beachfront where the dancing sea waves splash joyously against the rocks. It seems as if the waves approach hand-in-hand towards the shore, strike against the rocks, shower the deck and then regress. This repetitive movement to and fro looks as though the waves are performing a traditional group dance.

With superior amenities, the hotel focuses on pampering its guests by going far beyond the norm. The management is aware that the taste of guests could be different according to their wishes and needs. Therefore combining savoir-faire and the good use of technology, they offer their guests an a la carte environment which provides a lifestyle experience that makes each guest feel special and thus create  moments to write home about.