‘Nose-to-tail’ at Downtown Dubai

The Boulevard Kitchen
Category: Food & Beverage

Boulevard Kitchen Manzil Downtown Dubai Hotel, one of the finer restaurants in Dubai, comes up with a new concept.

Dubai foodies rejoice!

There’s a delicious new excuse for diners to fall in love with the local dining scene once again: Manzil Downtown Dubai hotel, which has unveiled a bold new restaurant concept to go with its enhanced, new look.

Boulevard Kitchen, one of the finer restaurants in Dubai, is the latest addition on the dining scene, and its open kitchen serving stellar food and drink isn’t the only thing that has diners buzzing. Rather, it is its “nose-to-tail” concept that is giving a whole new meaning to sustainable, eclectic food that fuels your palate and your conscience too!

Nose-to-tail focuses on a menu of various meat cuts and fresh ingredients for a distinctive and eclectic palette of flavours while reducing food waste. All the meat and produce are derived from local sources.

The food is simply divine: Middle Eastern with a modern twist, a pleasant surprise for cynical foodies, who have done the rounds, and newcomers, excited about different tastes and flavours.

An Emirati chef with a passion for scrumptious desserts has created a mouth-watering array of Emirati desserts that have diners exuberant.

Capping this experience are sweeping breathtaking views of Burj Khalifa hotel, the world's tallest man-made structure.

The diverse tea menu, for its part, gives meanings to the experience while enthralled to this magnificent view.

Dining is among the fun activities to engage in while in Dubai.

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