Neos on the 63rd floor

Category: Food & Beverage

Splendid food. Spectacular view.

“It’s for the sheer majesty of it.” I overheard a lady sitting by the table next to mine tell her friend. I couldn’t exactly figure out what she was referring to. But I was so engrossed at the sight before me that I heard myself murmuring, “Yes.”

It was a Sunday evening. The first day of Dubai’s always-hectic, if not totally chaotic, work week, and I thought people should be scampering home for the next day’s work. Not that night, they didn’t.

I had been to many of Dubai’s elevated restaurants – they’re nothing new in this cosmopolitan gateway boom town of 300 nationalities and ten thousand high rises. While all offer that awesome view – a river of lights from Sheikh Zayed Road for instance, or the dancing silhouettes and stoic shadows of giant stalagmites reaching out to the moon, Neos on The Address Downtown’s 63rd floor has it all in spades.

With floor-to-ceiling glass panels, Neos, at 308 metres up, gives a 360-degree view of Dubai: a mural in motion; a collage of balletic lights and peripatetic luminescent lines; a sight beholding as it is breathtaking.

I noticed the lady and her friend were taking mere small bites of their Beluga Caviar from what I could make of it through a quick glimpse as the table candlelight splashed shades of amber across their faces; their bedazzled eyes staring at BurjKhalifaTower, the tallest man-made structure on Earth, and the glimmering beyond. They were taking nibbles of their food and “mouthfuls” of the view, so to speak.

I noticed too that they had just gone shopping from Dubai Mall downstairs as their Ferragamo and Kate Spade bags tell.

Others in the crowd appeared to be weary shoppers as well, giving themselves a bonus treat by “running the last mile upwards via the lift” as they put it, and throwing themselves down the couches for a deep breath and a sigh of therapeutic relief.

The rest, couples on dinner dates and office people among them, were in varying degrees of trance, cuddled in that tingling sensation that comes with the thought that they’re face to face – almost in an arm’s reach if you will – with Burj Khalifa and the deep blue yonder.

Finishing my meal, I checked out, and as the lift opened to return me to ground floor reality, I glanced back at the place with a grin, finally able to put a thumb on why people prefer Neos: the magic.

Postscript: The food is equally marvelous, served in “Sharing Boxes” like the “Antipasti” which comes with Spanish Pata Negra with marinated veggies, smoked salmon and buffalo mozzarella among others, or the “Downtown Favourites,” which has Palenta-crusted chicken, spiced calamari, breaded Hammour and beef sambousak. Neos also has à la carte menu – chilled Fines de Claires oysters, braised Wagyu beef, and tempura togarashi tuna roll, among them. All are so reasonably priced.

Indeed, among places to visit in Dubai for dining is Neos. Elevated restaurants are nothing new among hotels in Dubai; check out why people keep coming back to Neos on the 63rd floor of The Address Downtown.