Arabic food: It’s all about sharing

Category: Food & Beverage

Arabic food is a cuisine steeped in history, with the dishes reflecting many different countries and traditions within the region. Although the tastes, flavours and types of dishes can vary, one thing remains the same throughout; Arabic cuisine is all about sharing food with your friends and loved ones.

This element of sharing is strongly reflected in the fact that most dishes are made to be passed around the table, allowing everyone to taste a little of everything. The cuisine that originated on the streets, be it of the United Arab Emirates’ or else where, quickly spread to fill the dinner tables of family homes across the region, with delicious, but quickly made, recipes for dishes such as shawarma and falafel now being part of the everyday food choices of many Arabic families dining at restaurants in Dubai, other cities or at home.

Mezzeh is found in all cuisines of the previous Ottoman Empire, and has spread across the world even more nowadays! The exact origin of the word ‘meze’ is unclear but the dishes were created to purely enjoy and savour every bite of every dish. Why limit yourself to one dish when you can try 20! Arabic food is all about dining with family and friends, and these Mezzeh dishes really promote that. Eaten with plenty of bread, they are as popular today as they were centuries ago. By starting your meal with a selection of Mezzeh you are able to get a taste of a range of delicious Arabic dishes and really get a flavour for the cuisine of the region. Top favourites include Hummous, Falafel, Baba Ganoush, Vine Leaves, Tabbulouh and Halloumi, all savoured with freshly baked Arabic flatbread.

Although the Mezzah, which normally is eaten at the start of a meal, are so tasty, make sure you leave room for the main course! If you are looking for some meat, then look no further as Arabic street food boasts the most succulent meat dishes, from a simple but mouthwatering mixed grill to a quickly devoured Sharwarma. For the veggie lovers out there, there is a great mix of vegetarian dishes to enjoy! You can even taste a piece of history when you feast on kebabs, as they were apparently invented by Persian soldiers who would use their swords to cook meat over an open fire!

Although not a particular aspect of street food, no meal would be complete without dessert. Street tradition or not, how can you finish a feast without something sweet! One of the most popular desserts is the mouthwatering Umm Ali. Claimed by the Egyptians, this creamy dessert really warms your heart and fills you to the brim. Made with pastry, milk, cinnamon, cream, almonds and more, this mouthwatering dessert will finish off your Arabic feast perfectly! Another classic is Kunafa, a Levantine cheese pastry soaked in sweet sugar-based syrup, typical of all the regions belonging to the former Ottoman Empire.

All of the above delicious food is right on your doorstep in Dubai with Kempinksi Hotel Mall of the Emirates – one of the popular hotels in Dubai – bringing the cuisine back to its roots with their Arabic Food Night, which takes place every Thursday, from 7pm until 11pm. Here you will find a host of traditional Arabic dishes, all waiting to be enjoyed in good spirit with your friends and family, while live Arabic entertainment fills the room.

Arabic food is a cuisine which has not only adapted across the region with each country putting their own spin on the food, but it is also a cuisine deep in history and tradition. With the majority of the classic favourites being centuries old, such as Foul Nabet and Balila, this is a cuisine that has proven it can survive all social changes and still be a major part of the Arabic culture. With a spread fit for a king, the Arabic Food Night at Kempinski Hotel Mall of the Emirates will leave your taste buds pleasantly surprised at the mix of dishes you will experience and the outstanding flavours that are present, even in the simplest dishes served up on dining tables across the region.