Friday brunch à la Dubai

Friday brunch à la Dubai
Category: Food & Beverage

This time of the year Dubaites do it al fresco.

The Terrace at Media Rotana is one of those unpretentious venues that is effortlessly relaxed

Friday brunch is such an established part of the culture in the UAE that it is often the highlight of the weekend for many. And with the clement weather enticing diners outdoors a venue that offers a terrace with a view as well as value for money is a sure winner.

The Terrace at Media Rotana is one of those unpretentious venues that is effortlessly relaxed. It is on the first floor of the hotel with views out over the city and a laid back atmosphere that invites diners to linger.

Arriving at The Terrace, the mouth-watering aroma of the shawarma stand immediately stimulates the taste buds, tempting diners to gravitate over to check if it tastes as good as it smells.

The real appeal of The Terrace is the feeling of spaciousness with everything at hand. The food stations are all visible wherever you are seated so plotting your course of attack is easy.

Choosing where to start though is the difficult part. The cold section displays a colourful selection of salads, inviting diners to create their own dishes with a choice of chef’s special dressings and accompanying freshly cut vegetables. Moving on to the seafood corner, juicy prawns and fresh oysters buried in ice sit alongside perfectly formed sushi and sashimi that are presented at just the right temperature.  

There is a good variation of hot main dishes with a substantial Arabic and Asian influence, as well as vegetarian options. There is also a carving station featuring the roast of the day served with a selection of sauces and gravies.  

Dessert fans will love the chilled chocolate mousse cake and the crème brulee. But the star of the show is the freshly made crepes that are made with sweet apple filling and a choice of raspberry, chocolate and crème anglaise sauces.

Food always seems to taste better outdoors somehow and The Terrace seems to have solved the issue of pesky flies with the clever use of transparent cabinets to keep the food fresh and clean.

The atmosphere is super laid back and unhurried and by the end of the afternoon, the air is perfumed with fragrant shishas. The resident DJ keeps the mood chilled from his spot on the pool deck and as the day turns to evening the music is cranked up and it’s time for sundowner cocktails.   

The Friday brunch at The Terrace runs from 12 noon to 3.30 pm and is Dhs 199 inclusive of selected beverages and Dhs 239 including shisha.