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Cove Beach - Jumeirah - Best Beach Vacations
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Blurring the concepts of luxury and leisure in an elegant setting that celebrates subtle tastes and a passion for life

At the famous Jumeirah Beach Hotel is Cove Beach which captivates luxury and leisure in an opulent setting celebrating life

Cove Beach has bragging rights to awesome seafront facility that includes a unique gourmet restaurant, the picturesque Rosé Bar and the Sea Lounge, with the Burj Al Arab in the backdrop and the Arabian Sea in the foreground.

Set in minimalist decoration by the renowned design firm, Prospect Design, Cove Beach fuses gracefulness and stylish forms in an ageless palette of colours.

The standout feature remains to be Cove Beach's one-of-a-kind attention on food. Cove Beach's seasoned Executive Chef Vergan Robert and his team, make use of the concept of "Cuisine de la Joie," which means "simple yet tastefully refined."

“No matter where they’re from, or what they do, what people want today, is simple, delectable food," says Executive Chef Robert. “I believe that both Italian and French cuisines appeal to most palates," he added, stressing that at Cove Beach, the aim is to present to the tastes with fresh, ingredient-driven and temperamental dishes that everyone can relate to, and enjoy.”

At the heart of Cove Beach, is Rosé Bar whose signature Château Barbeiranne, is a special beverage made in Provence and noted by connoisseurs as a suave vintage.

The Sea Lounge’s super-sized sunbeds allow guests to soak up the sun in a manner truly relaxing -- what with a resident DJ bringing out the beats?

On the Sea Lounge's menu are daytime favourites like the classic Nicoise, Sautéed Baby Calamari, Grilled Marinated Octopus Salad, and a delightful eclectic mix of wraps, burgers, pizzas, and steaks, alongside a perfectly prepared seafood selection.

Cove Beach serves an array of flavours for shisha lovers, as well.

Sun and sands are among the best outdoor activities when in Dubai for best beach vacations.