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Why Maldives should be in our vacation list this summer 

Why Maldives should be in our vacation list this summer 
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For all those who think that Maldives is exclusively a honeymoon destination need to visit Maldives to know that the beautiful islands of Maldives have a lot more to offer.

The Maldivian cuisine is worth a try. Milaidhoo Island has opened the first modern Maldivian restaurant in the Maldives, called Ba’theli.  It is one of the few fine-dining restaurants in the world which encourages its diners to come barefoot. Ba’theli’s architecture reflects its heritage as it takes its name from the local word for a traditional wooden sailing boat and has been built in the shape of three boats that stands on stilts over the lagoon. One ‘boat’ is the restaurant, a second ‘boat’ is the bar-lounge and a third ‘boat’ is the kitchen.

The Islamic Centre opened in 1984, is a popular attraction for tourists. It is known for excellent architecture fused with traditional Maldivian and Islamic concepts. The magnificent golden domes of the Centre ornament the skyline of Male’.  The interior of the mosque is adorned with intricate wood carvings and Arabic calligraphy.

Sultan Park is located in front of the Republican Monument unveiled to mark 30 years of independence. The Sultan Park is the best public spot in Male’. Large trees and colourful flowers create a welcoming feel. Previously the Sultan Park site housed Maldivian Royal Palaces.

The National Museum was first opened in 1952. However, the place underwent a major revamping process and a brand new National Museum was opened in 2010. The museum preserves a wealthy collection of items.

Artifacts and relics from pre- Islamic period to post Islamic period are displayed here. Regal dresses and items associated with Maldivian royalty can be explored. A rich collection depicting Maldivian craftsmanship and artistry is also displayed. You will even have the chance to discover moon rocks in the museum.

The Maldives boasts of a rich culture of music and dance. Resort islands organize cultural performances to entertain their guests regularly during which you can observe islanders performing traditional music and dance items. One of the most famous Maldivian cultural displays which involve singing and dancing is called the “Bodu Beru”. The Bodu Beru performers, numbering around 20 wear a traditional garb of sarongs and white sleeved shirts. Other traditional music and dance items include; Dhandi Jehun, Langiri, Thaara and Gaa Odi Lava. Most of these items involve rhythmic music and dances using various cultural props. There are some cultural routines exclusively performed by Maldivian women. Bandiyaa jehun, Maafathi Neshun and Bolimalaafath Neshun. Some of these acts were designed to perform in the royal courts.