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‘Overrun’ the towers!

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It can’t be done in a day, you’d probably say.

Seventeen hectares of pulse spiking, over-the-top, adrenalin-filled, gut-curling, thrill-seeking frenzy,  where yelps and screams echo from the deepest recesses telling you that fear is something you conquer here.

 Two towers – Neptune, which is 30 metres high, and Poseidon at 40 metres tall, both having a total of 11 heart-pumping waterslides.   A 2.3-kilometre river with waves, pools, rapids and white water chargers. A 500-metre zipline circuit at 20 metres high. A water playground. And 1.4 kilometres of white sand beach.  

It’s all in here: Atlantis The Palm, or simply, “Dubai Atlantis” at the “Palm Islands Dubai,” one of the best places to visit in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates for that matter.

You’ll definitely need a plan if you want to feed your craving for thrill; you have approximately eight hours, that is, from1000 hrs to 1800 hrs, to “overrun” the towers and the whole park.

Here goes:

1000 hrs: Take to the locker room and change. Leave everything behind, they just will all be deadweight.

1015 hrs: Flag down a guest buggy and head to Tower of Neptune, a Ziggurat seen from the Dubai mainland and The Palm’s “fronds,” and has seven exciting waterslides, among them the 27.5-metre, 90-degree, body-surf drop, Leap of Faith. Bring along a camera –you can leave it with the staff and claim it later; the view from the top is hands down, majestic.

1030 hrs: Do your Leap of Faith and experience why it was dubbed as such. Rated one of the best thrill-filled waterslide in the world, Leap of Faith is about lying on your back on an open tube, arms hugging your chest to your shoulders, and dropping down nine stories in seconds, then being propelled through a transparent tube surrounded by sharks and rays and on to a  plunge pool. Leap of Faith, described as one of the tallest, fastest freefall slides in the Middle East, can have your gut curled. Most would save “Leap of Faith” for the last thrill, but it’s as good a starter as it is for a wrap-up.

1100 hrs: Catch your breath and head on to the next thrill: The Shark Attack. It’s 18 seconds of twisting darkness in a tunnel – you’ll have to use the readily available inner-tubes to sit on and glide through – before being plunged into a pool surrounded by a glass-encased aquarium, where you move at a leisurely pace to watch the sharks.

1130 hrs: Slow down a bit, there still are some more rides to conquer at Tower of Neptune: Stinger, The Falls, Shamal and The Surge – all inner-tube slides that take you to a water rollercoaster going up and down throughout the park. 

1200 hrs: Lunch break. You can go to Shark Bites for fish and chips, burgers, hotdogs, pizza and pasta, or Barracudas, which is to the left of the Tower of Poseidon and is a line-up of stalls offering anything from pizzas, Pad Thai, Wonton soup, Wagyu burgers, fried chicken, dosa, shawarma, falafel and gelato.

1300 hrs: Now that you’ve “taken down” Neptune, Poseidon beckons!

The Tower of Poseidon, which opened last year, has record breaking rides that include Aquaconda, Slitherine, Poseidon’s Revenge, and Zoomerango.

The Gulf’s longest zipline, Atlantean Flyers, also takes off from here.

Poseidon’s Revenge, a water slide which gives a different twist to the phrase, “the floor gave way,” and sends your adrenaline pumping on overdrive, is a good start for your next “conquest.”

Indeed the Greek “God of the Sea,” who chose Atlantis as his domain, must have been so embittered when Zeus did not live up to his promise of rewarding him and Apollo well for building huge walls around Troy that he sent a sea monster to attack the city in vengeance.

Feel that revenge as you step into the capsule and wait for the moment the floor disappears beneath, instantly plummeting you through this 116-metre-long waterslide at 60kph and propelling you upside down.

1330 hrs: Next stop is the Zoomerango, a round raftthat goes down a 25-metre-tall, 156-metre-long waterslide that drops at about a 45-degree angle following a few curves then zooms up on a wall at 14 metres high so much so that for a moment you’d think the raft will overshoot.

1400 hrs: You’ve had two exhilarating rides. Time to slow down the pulse a bit and take the Rapids, a 1.6-kilometre adventure that sends inner-tube riders through multi-level rapids, surges and falls around the waterpark.  There is also the Torrent that can create metre-high swells.

1500 hrs: Back to the tower for more fun with Slitherine and Aquaconda.

Slitherine sends you off to Aquaconda – isn’t that sweet? You slither your way down the twists and turns of a 31-metre-high, 182-metre-long speed slide then end up suspended in the belly of the Aquaconda, a giant sea serpent waterslide that catapults you and your friends on a wild ride through a dark meandering tunnel before being dropped into the largest fiber glass tube in the world, enduring intense banking whilst careening back and forth.

1530 hrs: Having covered pretty much everything now, a few moments for animal encounters would sound good. That would be the DolphinBay; the Ambassador Lagoon or some snorkeling; the Shark Safari and some cownose ray feeding.  

Or, you can opt for the zipline where you can glide through a 500-metre circuit at up to 20 metres high with speeds of 10 to 15kph and enjoy the views over The Palm

1630 hrs: Visit Splashers, a water playground for the kids with water spills and two enormous tipping buckets releasing 1,200 litres of water at different intervals.

1500 hrs: It’s beach time. Watch the sun set begins. Play football. Relax.

1600 hrs. You’ve overran the park and conquered your fear. Pack up.

Remember, Atlantis The Palm, or simply, “Dubai Atlantis” at the “Palm Islands Dubai,” is one of the best places to visit in Dubai and the entire United Arab Emirates for that matter if its thrills you want at the waterpark.  


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