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Say ‘Ciao’ to a wonderful evening at Andiamo

Say ‘Ciao’ to a wonderful evening at Andiamo
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For a hotel with such varied food and beverage options, thirteen outlets to be exact, Grand Hyatt Dubai was sure to excite with their latest restaurant refurbishment. Many people say that an Italian restaurant is the easiest to start, but the hardest to master. A cuisine that is very well recognized and loved around the world, creating a unique take on Italian food can be a challenge, but at Andiamo this challenge has been surpassed.

The food is a mixture between fine dining and recipes passed through family generations, with authenticity apparent in every dish. With a large array of pizzas and pastas, as well as a handful of mouthwatering meat, fish and risotto dishes, the menu encompasses exactly what you would expect from an authentic Italian eatery. With every bite your taste buds will be transported to different parts the country, from Sicily to Tuscany and everywhere in between.

Particular signature dishes gracing the menu are Chef Alberto’s Sicilia in Bocca pasta, which perfectly entwines rigatoni pasta with homemade Sicilian pesto, as well as the chef’s namesake Alberto pizza, which boasts pistachio pesto, cherry tomatoes, creamy stracciatella cheese and beef bresaola.

Although the homemade sauces and Italian imported cheese will entice you in, the warm ambience will make you stay. Something that offers a pleasant surprise is the live, resident DJ that plays at Andiamo every evening. His mix of Italian and international music creates a friendly and upbeat atmosphere to perfectly complement the dynamic menu and you will feel yourself tapping your feet to the beat in no time.

The recently renovated terrace boasts vine-covered pergolas, different areas to accommodate both small and large groups and fire heaters to add a touch of warmth to Dubai’s winter breeze. The separate bar area is perfect for business diners eating alone, while the large tables see groups of friends break bread together over laughter. Reasonably priced, Andiamo is the kind of restaurant you can frequent once a week without getting bored.

Providing an idyllic, chill-out environment, where you are left to enjoy the evening as long as you wish without being hurried out, Andiamo’s terrace definitely adds a unique experience to Dubai’s dining scene. If you’re looking for a place to feel like you have escaped the bustle of the city, Andiamo is the spot for you.

By Holly Woolston