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A Dazzling Evening in the Desert

A Dazzling Evening in the Desert
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The UAE desert is one of the most scenic in the world. From flat, sandy and gravel plains that outstretch to the mountains to magnanimous sand dunes, no wonder a large number of people visit the desert.

If you are a resident of Dubai you must have surely embarked upon an adventurous desert safari. These safaris provide a spectacular evening filled with adrenaline pumping activities, entertainment and authentic cuisine.

It starts off with dune bashing. The driver picks you up right from your hotel on a four-wheel drive. You can enjoy at least half an hour to forty-five minutes of invigorating dune-bashing, which is far more than most companies allow for. After this, the driver stops for photos at a very scenic location that overlooks the entire desert.

On camp activities range from quad-bike to camel riding. You can enjoy on the quad bike as the wind pulls your hair back. Expert photographers will take your high resolution photos.

The night is filled with myriad of entertainment event - traditional middle-eastern performances performed by talented artists. It started with an exotic Belly Dance display and ended a daring fire dance. The artist swallowed and spat out fire while performing complex dance moves.

The dinner was sumptuous and traditional, keeping up with the entire Arab atmosphere of the desert safari. Vegetarians can enjoy a multitude of options write from Humus to Biryani. Non-vegetarians can enjoy an array of barbeque dishes with chutney. The VIP area is luxurious, under the comfort of an air-conditioner, which made the entire night all the more enjoyable.

Definitely a night to visit and enjoy!

Happy Desert Safari Tours offers some of the best desert safari experiences in the country.

Book your safari experience just call 055 230 14 16 or send an inquiry email at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

By Menaka Ramakrishnan