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A true Japanese Escape Awaits

A true Japanese Escape Awaits
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As you walk through the doors of the newly opened Kyo Restaurant & Lounge on Palm Jumeirah you know you are in for a full dining experience. Instantly feeling like you have been transported out of Dubai as you look around at the selection of Japanese art that adorns the walls, the super professional manner of the team even has you believing you are in a five-star resort, rather than alongside the Golden Mile mall.

The idea behind Kyo was to create a restaurant with food to rival the very best Japanese escapes in the city, without the matching, exuberant price tag - something they most definitely have achieved. Kyo is a place where guests can enjoy high quality ingredients, innovative Japanese recipes and a super friendly atmosphere, all surrounded by stunning interiors.

The menu is based on the Yōshoku technique of mixing traditional Japanese and contemporary Western flavours, offering a well-rounded approach to innovative Japanese cooking, with guests able to watch all dishes performed in the wrap around open kitchen. Although there is an extensive selection of Uramaki, Nigiri and Sashimi, the menu at Kyo proves that there is so much more to Japanese cuisine than just raw fish, something that many people wouldn’t realize. The starters on the menu leave your mouth watering just at the thought of them, with the Foie Gras and Shiitake Gyoza and the Scallops in Chestnut Milk really catching the eye. Every dish is lovingly washed downed with a refreshing mocktail with extraordinary flavours including Japanese Rice Water with a touch of Cinnamon Syrup and the Lychee, Lime Juice, and Mint Syrup shaken and topped with Green Tea Soda.

The mixture of both meat and seafood main courses envelope the senses and transport your taste buds on a culinary exploration around Japan. From the Crispy Marinated Black Cod, with Papaya, Passion Fruit, and Chili, and the Octopus with Avocado and Wasabi Hummus to the Braised Veal Short Ribs with Teriyaki, Taro and Mitsuba Mash and the Grass fed Angus Tenderloin in Dashi, with Organic Vegetable and Ponzu, there is a dish for all tastes, with every plate sure to be returned empty.

One of the highlights at Kyo has to be the decadent desserts on offer.

Desserts aren’t something that automatically spring to mind when you think of a Japanese restaurant, so by having a delicious menu including Chocolate Gyozas, Nachi Pear Strudel and the innovative Match Green Tea Tofu, Kyo is definitely setting itself apart from its competitors.

As we begrudgingly bid our farewell, we are overjoyed to see the secret Japanese terrace waiting round the corner. Set to fully open once the weather cools down, this outdoor lounge is a maze of hidden sections, stunning greenery and expert lighting, all kept cool by an overhead cooling system. This is the ideal place for those looking to celebrate an occasion, with different VIP sections waiting to be explored.

With Kyo having recently announced their Japanese-inspired breakfast and lunch menus, our next stop will be back for a taster of how brekkie is done in Japan!