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Soi Thai Restaurant in Nairobi

Soi Thai Restaurant in Nairobi
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Nairobi loves it’s food. There are a number of good restaurants and cafes in Nairobi, just ensure you know how long your journey will take you before you so you arrive on time as the traffic in Nairobi can be very heavy. For an upmarket, authentic Thai meal, I recommend Soi at the Dusit D2 Design hotel in Riverside Drive. Tasty, Thai food cooked well and presented very professionally. They have a good choice of beverages here with a skilled mixologist. I liked the fact they offered drinks that incorporated local, easy to access ingredients like passion fruit in their mocktails and juice selection.

Soi is a very safe venue in a secure, modern hotelcomplex and is open for both lunch and dinner. You can have drinks on their terrace before or after your meal and I thought a meal at Soi made for a sophisticated and relaxed evening out. It’s just one of a few good restaurants at the hotel and on the evening we visited there were adults and grown up families enjoying dinner.

I’ve been travelling to Nairobi for the last 25 years and was really impressed with the quality of food on offer at Soi. The red prawn curry was authentic with juicy, plump prawns and the portion was generous in size. But prices do reflect the quality and your surroundings, so expect to pay KSH 1800 for the prawn curry – International prices.

Similarly the papaya salad was fresh and zingy. Fried Banana chips on the table were a nice touch to start with and a good way of incorporating Kenyan tradition into a Thai meal.

After our meal we looked at the Dusit hotel’s accommodation and was again were impressed with the 2 has very generous room sizes with balconies. But don’t leave the hotel without checking out the very unusual swimming pool with it’s sunken majlis type seating arrangement. It’s not the seating that’s unusual, it’s the piercing scarlet coloured water in the pool of the Rouge Deck that I found bizarre. Apparently it’s quite a hit with visitors! Me I prefer to see red in my prawn curry! The Soi menu had plenty of option for vegetarians as well.

By Monica Kapila