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‘Salt n Pepper Prawns & Joseph’

‘Salt n Pepper Prawns & Joseph’
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Salt n Pepper Prwans & Joseph, cast a definite spell on the diners visiting the Sizzling Wok, an Asian restaurant housed in the Citymax, Bur Dubai.

Sizzling Wok, is a sizzler in it own right in the Citymax Bur Dubai’s very dynamic food & beverage. Keeping an array of Asian favorites in its wide range menu, it adds its own flair to the flavours making it one of the favourites within its diners.

It’s magic starts growing, no longer the staff assisting the diner to get the favourite table, to choose the right options out of the menu, to select drinks and starters, main course, deserts etc. And whole of their effort is to take the diner on an authentic Asian journey of flavour and spice. Keeping a sharp eye on the favourite Asian tastes, its kitchen adds a signature flavour making it a ‘must try’ for all of its diners.

With a colorful and warm feel, novel tastes and a very humble staff are the bests of Sizzling Wok. In appetizers, the signature ‘Salt n Pepper Prawns’, promises to surprise the diner at the outset and sets the mood of the dinner for an upcoming exceptional experience. In the main, Malay Prawn Curry and Chili Chicken both are two strikingly different but not to be missed flavours. Where Chilli Chicken burns the tip of tongue and infuses a sensation to the taste buds at the same time Malay Prawn Curry exhibits the maturity of the kitchen, it has an eternity of taste that the diner would like to recommend it around for the special moments.

Deserts are also keeping their own twist over here, one can always take an advise from the staff to experience the best in deserts. And on the top of that a meet up with Joseph, the restaurant manager, should be part of the evening. Sizzling Wok’s experience without a meeting with him won’t be justified. Joseph caters the diners with a hard to find passion, around. A knowledgeable, genuine person who takes your dining experience at to an exceptional height. 

Let’s tap these heights, try Sizzling Wok also meet Joseph, take his advise and ready to have one of your best dining experience in the town.